About BP

The mission of BIIT Publications (BP) is to use the skills and knowledge of intelligent and talented writers, the energy of dedicated translators, and committed editors to disseminate accurate information, correct thoughts about Islam and Muslims, knowledge about nation and ummah; to ensure that contemporary analysis of local and global scholar is made available to the people of Bengali Language.

BP is aiming to translate the major books of major scholars of the world and publish those books into Bengali.  It was established in 2020. BP is an active and regular participant in local book fairs, district book fairs, school book fairs, and university book fairs. We publish books that cover behavior & psychology; women & family; history & civilization, society & culture, religion & spirituality.

BP is always looking for potential joint ventures with other knowledge-based institutions. Our office is in Dhaka, Bangladesh, but many of our editors, writers, and translators are immigrants, who have lived in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, and other countries in the world.

BP, Bangla Bazar, Dhaka City is another subsidiary publishing house of BIIT. The work of BP focuses on two key areas: publishing the best books for the readers and providing the best support to all buyers of the books in the whole country.