Dr. M Abdul Aziz

Dr. Mohammad Abdul Aziz is an active educationist for Curriculum, Pedagogy & Social Research.  He has continually promoted Integration of knowledge and thought as a university teacher, renowned publisher, author, and editor. He is a Director General of Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought (BIIT); Country Representative of International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), USA; Visiting Faculty of Islamic University of Technology (IUT), OIC; Visiting Fellow, International Institute of Peace and Development Studies (IIPDS), Bangkok, Thailand; Founder Director of Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Finance (BIIF); Managing Director of Academia Publishing House Ltd (APL), Managing Partner of BIIT Publications (BP), Executive Editor of International Journal of Islamic Thoughts (IJITs), Editor in Chief of Bangladesh Journal of Integrated Thoughts (BJIT).

He earned his PhD at the latter in 2018 for a thesis on “Designing an Integrated University Curriculum: A comparative study of the undergraduate political science program at the IIUM and the University of Dhaka” from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction under the Faculty of Education at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Bachelor and Masters  from the Department of Political Science at Dhaka University in 1994 and 1995 respectively and MS from Institute of Humanities & Social Sciences at National University in 2002.

He taught Political Science/GED/UR courses at Asian University of Bangladesh (AUB), Northern University Bangladesh (NUB), Southeast University (SEU), International Islamic University Chittagong IIUC (Dhaka Campus), Teachers’ Training College (TTC), and Manarat International University (MIU) from the year 2001 to 2010 as Lecturer and Assistant Professor respectively. He is an author of books, translator and editor of books. He delivered a lot of Lectures and presented more than hundred papers on higher education especially on epistemology, curriculum and textbook writings both at home and abroad.

Dr. Aziz engaged research on `Eliminating the Human Deprivation through Gender Mainstreaming’; `Comparative Analysis Between Sixth and Seventh National Parliamentary Elections’; `Exploring the efficacy of Religious and Moral Education Textbooks to promote morality and ethics among Students of the Secondary Level of Education in Bangladesh’, ‘Developing an Integrated Model of Teaching Method for Promoting Critical Thinking among Learners of Secondary Education’, `promoting critical thinking among secondary learners- Selected Case Studies in Dhaka’, `Epistemology & Curriculum Reform of Selected Disciplines of Public and Private Universities in Bangladesh’, `Writing Text Book for University Level: Prospect & Challenges in the Context of Bangladesh’, `Policy of Indian Political Parties Towards Bangladesh’.

His Areas of Specialization are: Social Studies, Political Thought, Research Methodology, Philosophy of Education, Principles of Political Theory & Organization, Educational Thoughts, Comparative Political System, Curriculum Development & Evaluation, Comparative Social System, Educational Leadership and Management, Peace & Conflict Resolution, Knowledge and Civilization, Bangladesh Studies and Muslim Contribution to World Civilization etc.

He published 8 research papers in local and international journals. He has co-authored 5 books, translated 2 books, Edited 4 books. He has presented more than 20 papers to the Seminar, workshops and Conferences at Bankok in Thailand, Jakarta in Indonesia, Kulalumpur in Malaysia, and Bangladesh. He also participated in several conference and seminar at Aceh in Indonesia, Istanbul in Turkey, Makkah in KSA, Kathmondu in Srilanka, Male in Maldives, Chennai in Madras, Delhi in India and Dhaka in Bangladesh. He was Moderator, Co-coordinator of many Seminars, workshops, and Courses. He was born on 1st February 1973 in Kishoregonj District, Bangladesh.